Balloon Girl Edit

On rare occasions, a strangely-colored Balloon Boy will appear under the player's desk in The Office. He doesn't do anything but lurk, and eventually just leaves. Though the model is exactl

Balloon Girl is under the desk.

y the same as the normal BB, his colors are shifted, leading some to believe it is a different animatronic altogether. This "special" version of BB was soon dubbed "Balloon Girl", a name then perpetuated on YouTube, causing viewers to catch on and begin to palette-swapped BB as such.
Since this character doesn't do anything, it is currently impossible to determine why BB appears in this way or how he is triggered. Similarly, without any evidence to support the theory other than the odd colors, there is also no reason to believe it is a separate character from the normal Balloon Boy at all. Thus, he remains officially referred to as Balloon Boy, albeit an altered one, and perhaps even a true hallucination.